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Professor Engelman offers expert assistance with regards to the infringement issues surrounding copyright claims made by individuals and companies. This service incorporates the drafting of necessary court forms, advising on next steps, along with end-to-end representation on infringement cases from Claim Form to Judgement and appeal. His case concerning "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" successfully established a non-textual copyright infringement in a work created by Allan Jacobs and reproduced in the J K Rowling work.

Copyright infringement relates to the unauthorised use of images, illegal downloads, and where works are taken and used without permission, along with claims relating to counterfeit products and the unsanctioned use of device type logos. Professor Engelman, following 30 years of working in intellectual property law, guides clients through every minor detail of the process.




About Professor Master Mark Engelman BSc (Pharmacol) Dip. Law Barrister

Having begun in research pharmacology, Professor Engelman has worked as an intellectual property barrister since 1989, initially in-house and later at the Bar covering both contentious and non-contentious work in all areas of intellectual property and defamation law. He is a widely trusted intellectual property counsel and has developed an outstanding track record at both UK and European level.

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