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Defamation cases are often highly complex and require the additional expert assistance of an experienced intellectual property lawyer. Professor Engelman can give you the specific help needed with his robust advocacy and encyclopaedic understanding of intellectual property law, working with you from the first discussion to presenting a case to the court. There exists a real overlap between defamation, trade libel and conventional intellectual property such a trade secrets, copyright, GDPR, etc. 

He can help clients with the delicate and crucial drafting of Claim Forms, Statements of Case, Witness Statements, Skeleton Arguments and Orders and knowing what to ask for from the other side. Having somebody with such extensive knowledge of the subject is fundamental for acquiring the best possible outcome from a defamation case. His most recent case concerned the application of GDPR within the context of public posts under newspaper articles. Sube v Newsgroup. It also defined the meaning of "serious harm" within s. Defamation Act 2013, definition which was ultimately adopted by the Supreme Court.




About Professor Master Mark Engelman BSc (Pharmacol) Dip. Law Barrister

Having begun in research pharmacology, Professor Engelman has worked as an intellectual property barrister since 1989, initially in-house and later at the Bar covering both contentious and non-contentious work in all areas of intellectual property and defamation law. He is a widely trusted intellectual property counsel and has developed an outstanding track record at both UK and European level.

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