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Businesses need to be sure that confidential information – pricing information, manufacturing process details, technical knowledge – is absolutely protected. Professor Engelman will work closely with you to understand all issues at a practical level, drawing expertise from different areas like cybersecurity wherever needed.

A specialist in minimising risks, Professor Engelman ensures that your business has the appropriate policies, documentation, and training, giving you full protection from both external and internal risks (employees, business partners, etc.) He can also offer expert litigation if needed, helping your business recover assets and manage its reputation. One of his arbitrations concerned the confidential information contained within the design to a marine radar underwater array. He acted for a Governement in that case.




About Professor Master Mark Engelman BSc (Pharmacol) Dip. Law Barrister

Having begun in research pharmacology, Professor Engelman has worked as an intellectual property barrister since 1989, initially in-house and later at the Bar covering both contentious and non-contentious work in all areas of intellectual property and defamation law. He is a widely trusted intellectual property counsel and has developed an outstanding track record at both UK and European level.

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