Intellectual property barrister Mark Engelman. Biotech. Lab work.


Protecting the patent portfolios of Mechano Growth Factor an myocardial infarction treatment.


Core services to clients include:

?IP Contracts - Ensuring the client maintains IP within the company and consequently the company's valuation.

?Pharmaceutical Compounds to Clinical Trial - Bringing in investment and all legal aspects associated with that process, for the clinical trial of research compounds.

?Collaboration Agreements - Assist in the sharing of IP know how, bringing in 3rd party IP and the negotiation and drafting of those agreements.

?Shareholder Agreements - Determine the remit of the founders rights. e.g. Preventing the blocking of acquisition.

?Patents - Advice on identifying patent-able subject matter and its protection

?Litigation -IP infringement case management and advocacy in patent disputes within the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office.

?Advocacy -Representation in the Patents Court and above.

1alpha1 Limited - Drafting NDAs, exploitation agreements, shareholder agreements, orchestrating patent portfolio in exploitation of Prazosin an alpha1 adrenergic receptor blocker and its application as a stem cell regulator.
Astra Zeneca – Nexium  (a proton pump inhibitor decreasing stomach acid) trademark dispute
GE Healthcare Technologies – Cardiology hardware distribution agreement
Glaxo Welcome PLC– domain name dispute over the GlaxoSmithKline name.
MRG & Associates Ltd/Infiniti Biomed Limited– negotiation and sale of shares in patentee of global Mechano Growth Factor patent portfolio to Singaporean Group of Healthcare companies. to an ASX-listed purchaser
Professor Goldspink v UCL UCLB (HC) in high profile breach of inventorship consultancy agreement concerning 5 patent families for Mechano Growth Factor, a stem cell regulator.
Counsel for Astra Zeneca AB v Ratiopharm GmbH - Acting for Astra Zenica in registered trade mark dispute in UKIPO concerning the pharmaceutical Fenedil.
Talk: Patenting Life Forms - Copyright in Gene Sequences – St Edmunds, College Cambridge



About Professor Master Mark Engelman BSc (Pharmacol) Dip. Law Barrister

Having begun in research pharmacology, Professor Engelman has worked as an intellectual property barrister since 1989, initially in-house and later at the Bar covering both contentious and non-contentious work in all areas of intellectual property and defamation law. He is a widely trusted intellectual property counsel and has developed an outstanding track record at both UK and European level.

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